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We care about every detail in order to achieve the best beef quality in your table.


Production Process

We select the best quality livestock for slaughter house and processing.


Quality Control

We are committed to strict quality control and traceability to deliver a healthy product.


Argentine Beef

The Argentine beef is unique in the world thanks to our Pampean climate.

Our Company

In the early forties, Remigio Ciribé started up a family business in slaughtering cattle and selling meat on a retail basis. In time, as the business began to thrive, the family decided to move into the sale of beef wholesale, in the form of half-carcasses, and it was in this way that they eventually came to supply the outlying region on a broad scale.
Frigorifico Ciribé, was born from the concerted efforts of the new generation which continued to develop the business, adding value to its products through the sale of selected cuts of beef which were transported by the firm's own fleet of trucks.

Entrepreneurial mindset:
Our continuous concern for the production of healthy, top-quality products has led us to constantly invest in technology and human capital. Consequently, at the beginning of 2002, our plant achieved the status of qualifying to export to the European Community. Currently the company has some 2,500 acres of prime pasture land devoted to the breeding and fattening of part of the cattle which supplies our processing plant.

Production Capacity:
The plant itself is a 750m2 cutting plant with a freezing facility, manned by a team of 45 operators. It has a fleet of thermal trucks and livestock trucks. Our production capacity is 80 carcasses per shift, representing some 530 tons of processed meat per month. Plant production amounts for only part of our activity, a significant quantity of beef is being sold in the form of half carcasses.

With the benefit of being a Family Business

In 1940, Don Remigio Ciribé founded the company that his son Edgar and his grandchildren handle today.

The work team we have formed allows us to constantly adapt to the new challenges posed by the environment.

- Hernán Ciribé CEO

Dedication and perseverance are the keys to every successful entrepreneurship.

- Edgar Ciribé President

The constant technological innovation is one of the pillars that allow us to make a difference.

- Leandro Ciribé CTO